• property division
  • support of children
  • cooperative parenting agreements
  • spousal support
  • payment of debts

Mediation is: 

  • cooperative
  • non-adversarial
  • less expensive than court
  • confidential
  • flexible
  • less formal than court
  • participants have control over the outcome


2014 Advanced International Mediation Training
American Bar Association, Washington D.C
40 hours, focus on international family matters

2004  Divorce and Family Law Mediation
Center for Family and Divorce Mediation, New York, NY 
40 hours, focus on family law matters

2000 Mediation Training
CDR Associates, Boulder, CO 
40 hour, focus on general mediation training


I have extensive experience representing parents in divorces, and understand the complexities of relocation and visitation matters, and property and support matters. I also have experience with international family law matters litigated under the Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction and further specialized training in mediating these international matters.


My work as a mediator is grounded in my dual professions as an attorney and psychoanalyst. Understanding interpersonal dynamics enables me to understand the many aspects of conflict. I am then able to assist my clients in creating agreements that are lasting resolutions.

As a trained mediator, I am a neutral professional helping clients find solutions that are right for them. My goal is to provide my clients with a forum in which they can reach agreement and resolve legal matters.   My role is to guide the parties to resolve conflict and reach resolution that will provide for settlement of the dispute. If the parties desire to transform their relationship so that future conflict can be avoided, I am always willing to assist to that end. As a psychotherapist I have the tools and experience to ascertain how best to provide transformative processes.

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